Grey’s Anatomy: International


Before I begin, I would like to extend my condolences to the family Lt. Moaz al-Kassasbeh.  Please, keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this time of grief.

Last Saturday, I had my first experience with a Jordanian hospital.  I was not feeling my best at all, so I called our program coordinator, who then connected me the to emergency phone, as my SIM card was out of JDs.  In half an hour, a taxi was at the apartment and took me (and Sarah) to the nearest hospital. Less than a minute after arriving, I was already in a bed talking with a nurse about my symptoms.  In less than one hour, I was already strapped to an I.V. filled with antibiotics and my doctor was writing a prescription.

Got a fancy new bracelet from the doctor-engraved and everything.  Unfortunately, it says my name is Anskign Mcgratn.

Got a fancy new bracelet from the doctor-engraved and everything. Unfortunately, it said my name was Anskign Mcgratn.

To say I have fallen in love with the health care here is an understatement.  I am now almost done with my antibiotics and am feeling much much better now-just in time to start my area studies courses. Thank you to the medical professionals at the hospital, to Sarah for coming with me, and to the CIEE staff member for picking us up from the apartment and staying with us the entire time.

Another memorable event that happened this weekend was the Super Bowl.  I am currently seven hours ahead of the states, so I was unfortunately not able to experience watching the game live because that would have meant staying up until the sunrise.  I value sleep too much and the Giants were also not playing, so I was not as emotionally invested as others.

If anything, I only wanted the Seahawks to lose. (I apologize to any Seahawks fan I have just insulted.)

We watched the game with some of the other students in the program Monday night at restaurant called Buffalo Wings and Rings.  The owner was very nice and replayed the game for us using NFL Pass, so we were able to re-watch the whole game commercial free.

Picture of the TV when the Pats finally won 28-24

Picture of the TV when the Pats finally won against the Seahawks 28-24

This was also either the first or second time I saw other Americans who were not students.  I  think that they were Seahawks fans because we were the only ones cheering at the end of the game.

All in all, a week well-spent.  I would tell you more of what happened, but like I said, I was sick.  I will hopefully have more for you soon!

Until next time!




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