Top Ten Countdown

Hello all!

Wow! Hard to believe that the last time I actually updated this blog was in February and now I’m only ten days away from the end of this wonderful adventure.  So much for that whole “I’m going to update every week” idea I got stuck in my head in the beginning. Oops…sorry.

Since I am only tend days away, I will actually try and attempt to do a countdown blog.  If I do not, let me just apologize in advance, but its finals week here and I have to do: 2 ten page papers, study for four finals, and make sure I have all my stuff together before the big move.  In other words, the sanity I have so little of will be hanging on by a thread, but I’ll do my best.

I am going to begin this first Top Ten Countdown with things I will miss about Jordan when I am stateside:

  1. The People: While the shabab have been more or less of a thorn in my side, I will miss the welcoming nature of all the Jordanians.  There has not been a single time I did not feel welcome here.
  2. The Showers: Correction, I will miss the showers at the gym.  It was like a waterfall compared to the trickle of water we get in our apartment shower.
    1. side note: To those of you who became alarmed when I said I went to the gym, please know that it was solely for the showers.  I just felt guilty buying a gym membership and not actually using it.  To those of you who must deal with me on a regular basis, expect me to say, “I practiced my constitutional right to bear arms.” Bonus points to anyone who got the Stick It reference.
  3. The Food: If it wasn’t for the gym, I would probably come back 20 pounds heavier.  The food here is amazing!
  4. Speaking in Arabic: While I am not fluent, or even close to being fluent in Arabic, I have liked being able to speak a language other than my own.  It has definitely allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and improve my confidence when I speak.
  5. The Call to Prayer: It will be weird returning to America and not hearing to call to prayer five times a day.  It has been the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.
  6. Our friend at Full Cup:  Sarah and I have become “regulars” at to this wonderful coffeeshop by JID (Jordan Institute of Diplomacy).  Overtime we enter, our friend welcomes use and then asks us, “Same as always.” Yup. (Our usual is the Hazelnut Caramel)
  7. CIEE:  There will be days that I complain, but looking in hindsight, CIEE has done so much for us this semester (please refer to ‘Grey’s Anatomy: International).  It still baffles my mind that we were able to meet royalty! Name one other person who can say they’ve met royalty.
    1. This also includes the wonderful people in the DPS program I now have the pleasure of calling my friends.  Each and every single one of you is like a star shining bright in the night sky.
  8. My Professors: My professors here have been wonderful.  From Arabic to my Area Studies professors, it has been such a treat learning from such wonderful people.
  9. Being in the Middle of it all: I feel like I have been at the center of it all during my semester.  Then again, being in the Middle East, it is hard to not be in the middle of everything here.  It has given me the opportunity to see events that people in America only see on the news first-hand.
  10. The view: Jordan has so many wonderful views.  I wish I could take it with me back to my home in the middle of the forest.

Now, here are the Top Ten things I am looking forward to when I return home:

  1. My pets: the separation anxiety has been real.  I feel all I dream about now are the puppies and the kitty-puppy (my cat).  This includes my sister’s dog Darcy, but let’s face it, she acts more like a human than a dog.
    1. Shoutout to my wonderful step-brother and my wonderful sister for sending in the most pictures so that I didn’t get too homesick
  2. Being Blonde again: It’s been fun and all being a brunette, but I miss being blonde! I feel a part of me has been missing.  Weird to think that a hair color could make you feel that way.  Just a reminder as to what my real hair looks like:
    1. IMG_2422
  3. Wearing suitable clothes: While I do believe I have found my love for maxi skirts and dresses here, the first thing I’m probably going to do is throw on shorts, a tank top, and flip flops before proceeding to walk around my hometown.
  4. The Metro: I’ve have had to pay for cabs every day here and I will probably click my heels for joy when I am able to ride the Metro again (watch out Megan for visits from your favorite baby sister).
  5. Wifi: I’ve spent more than enough on Wifi here and I’m looking forward to ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘House of Cards’ binge-watching sessions while cuddling with my pets.
  6. My friends: Yup, I miss you guys…I guess…maybe…Aw who am I kidding, I’m tearing up while writing this! COME BACK INTO MY LIFE!!!
  7. My bed: I have every intention of plopping on my bed when I get home.  I recommend not disturbing me for a couple of days.
  8. Long Showers: Jordan is one of the most water-poor nations in the world, so the water pressure of our shower, as stated in the previous Top Ten Countdown, stinks.  Upon my return I am going to take a shower that lasts longer than seven minutes.
  9. Flushing toilet paper down the toilet: This will be the first thing I do when I land.
  10. My family: Five bucks says that my family members were wondering where they were while reading this list.  While I have enjoyed my independence, I am looking forward to seeing my family again.

*Bonus Top Ten thing I am looking forward to: Bacon and my car* 

That’s my list for today.  The more people that “like” this on FaceBook, the more likely I am to update again. Just kidding! I’m hopefully going to update every day until I leave.




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